Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This and that and a bit o pimping

Well, hubby turned 40 monday! Wow, a new numbers bracket...this officially makes him 2 years older than i am. He always argues that he's only a year but there is clearly a 2 year digit between years we were born and for almost 6 months of the year he is 2 years HAH!

Work has been eh. Not busy but still slightly steady enough to make some money but and still have some time off to get holiday stuff done. Had a late no show last night though. Drive me crazy when they do not even take the time to call...just rude!

Been making a lot of soap and it has been selling well at the spa. Fun! What is funny is hubby and daughter have as much fun seeing how the designs or soaps turn out as i do. (so cute!)

My Ideas

I do not cook with too many real recipe's. But for sweet potato we use it more than regular potato.

1. slice potato as if it were french fry style. layer with onion and mushroom, sprinkle with salt, pepper,paprika, garlic (really any of your favorites) drizzle with balsamic and olive oil and wrap in foil. Grill or bake till tender....yum!

2. we also use the turkey chopped, leftover veggies, cranberries and mix into the leftover gravy. mash leftover sweet potato (and reg potato if left) and top. Sprinkle with cheese and stuffing if desired and bake. Turkey day leftovers shephards pie.

3. chopped turkey bite size, celery, onion , chopped pecan and chopped cranberries.Mix with salt, pepper, tarragon and mayo...makes the best sandwiches!

Pimp: Got ideas for cranberries or sweet potato?


Knit Witch said...

Hubby (who is 22 years my senior!!) is upstairs right now baking a homemade apple pie with fresh N. GA apples!! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!

gaylen said...

Hey Turtle, I just read your comment on Nicole's blog about The Friday Night Knitting Club. I have that book and happened to be North of Seattle - I'd be more than happy to get it to you so you can read it. Email me :) g

5elementknitr said...

My MIL makes the sweet potatoes with apples. Awesome! The recipe is, I think, at

I got the Martha Stewart Food Cookbook. Used to have a subscription to the mag - easy and quick stuff. Anyway, there's an amazing cranberry upside down cake in there.

Email me if you want the recipe.
Ruth AT 5 elementknitr DOT com.

Kathy said...

Oh balsamic on the sweet potatoes and onions and mushrooms! My husband will love this. Thanks

Timiae said...

Hehe, I do the same thing to DF! He's really only a bit more than 2 years older than me, but I like to tease him about being an old man when he has his birthday and is 3 numbers older than me.

Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!