Sunday, September 2, 2007

Absent and vicadin

OK, not sure on the spelling...but i took a fair isle self striping sock dying class last weekend and then went hiking the next day. woke up sore then by that evening had horrible back spasms. The kind you gasp with every breath you take. (so have never had anything like this before ever!) So went to the good dr's and he gave me pain killers and muscle relaxors. Shortly after taking the first pain killer and a bit of food we stopped at just one store on the way home. I kid you not i completely passed out twice in the store! Freaked out hubby! He said i had that open eye dead people stare and acknowledged nothing..both times. So went home to pass out, not literally this time though. So took the rest of the week off from work, rescheduled clients, and spent some extra time with my mom who was out visiting! We did a few short trips around town, then hubby chaufered us a bit more to play tourist. Was a nice visit! So been knitting some but can't wait to get my dye's mixed too! So I'm around, just a bit dopey!

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Dotty said...

Hi! Thought I'd stop by your blog after you entered my contest. You asked a few questions but I can't seem to find an email address to send a reply to so here's my answers.

Yes - Monkey is pretty baggy. You could go down a needle size. I decrease down to 60 sts (instead of 64) when I work the gusset.

I'm a dpn lover. I've tried magic loop and 2 circs but seem to be most comfortable with dpns.

One of the weirdest places you'll find me knitting is a mountain bike race. I gotta cheer on hubby and while I wait the 6 hours for him to finish, I need something to keep me occupied.

I hope you feel better soon! Take it easy.