Monday, September 10, 2007

manic monday!

Hey all, sore muscles well earned from backpacking this weekend! Made it to the camp site in 1 1/2, not bad for hauling a 40 pound pack, uphill, during the hottest part of the day! That and my meds make me so dehydrated! But my back held up well, being only moderately gentle on it now! Started working on the elliptical again as well...was going through withdrawals not working out!

Hubby left to canada again for work for a few days, daughter is back in school, sophomore year! She is loving it but says the school is so is known as the biggest high school in the state and they have 3 to a locker sharing...ridiculous!

Hey, who likes to knit, have fun getting ideas on projects, etc.....visit here for a fun contest!

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