Sunday, October 28, 2007

cali firestorms

You sit and watch on the tv and are so grateful that it is not you....but we finally heard from hubby's godfather yesterday that he is safe. His home may be gone though, he has yet to be able to return there. According to neighbors on both sides of him (but these are huge estates so homes are not close) the neighbors have both lost their houses and they know he has lost at least half his avacado orchard. His beautiful home is atop a mtn with a beautiful guest house attached and the outdoor kitchen , pool and jacuzzi overlooking the valley and orchards. Some of his prized posessions, numerous classic cars, race cars, etc filled his home. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that it is still standing. Would be a shame as they only relocated to this area from laguna nigel about 4 years ago. So keep the cali folk in your thoughts for many people to find their homes standing as they re-enter the burnt areas. Then sit back and be grateful for all you have!

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Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, I so hope that his home is still standing! I'll keep my fingers crossed (not that it does much good, but more positive thoughts can't hurt, right?). Please let us know as you hear more. Also, thanks so much for the compliments on Kauni -- it's done, and I'm wearing it right now (not that it's really cold enough, but it's done, and I can't NOT wear it!). Take care :)