Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gotta love a 3 day weekend!

And the weather has been crappy so it is the perfect time to get stuff done!

yesterday hubby and i went off the peninsula to run a few errands, visit with the folks and have MIL cut hubbys hair. Got him and myself some new dud's for vegas next week (wow, 16 years married this wednesday the 10th), and got waylaid in tacoma due to the refinery explosion there. It was huge! We decided to hit the Outback for dinner and kill some time and thank goodness i know quite a few back roads now so we avoided the traffic from the 2 major freeways being closed.

Got more things done sunday after hubby's seahawks so died in the game. But after a yummy fall inspired dinner and a puzzle reprieval am back to knitting. Checking off items from my WIP's list and starting a few new projects!

I had to turn the lady down who asked me to kit her the 5 pairs of socks...just lack of time to get them done, etc. Too many things i want to knit for fun, and what the heck would i have charged? But , more day off on this weekend! Lol, and all is calm now that daughter dear is home fro the boyfriends and hubby has finished harassing her!

WIP update!

1. tank top, all knit just needs seaming and blocking
2. -----finish 2nd monkey sock-------finished
3.------ finish daughters poncho****finished and blocking as we type!
4. add zipper to wallet/case
5.------ take apart and restart cleaves on different needle size.--restarted!!
6.------ add ribbon to panty and block** **Blocked!----& ribbon added------
7.------ finish lace nightie and block***finished!-------------------------

waiting to be started

1. hand spun afghan hubby bought at the fair for me to knit
2. sweater vest
3. 3 pairs socks ( i dyed yarn for)
4. summer afghan
5.---- october shawl knit along----cast on & starting----
6. swallow tail stole
7. xmas socks
8. xmas fingerless gloves
9. spinning classes (for wheel)
10. many other skeins to dye
11. fiber to spindle spin
12.-- xmas hats/scarves ----1 set finished----

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KnitYoga said...

Hope you had a fabby anniversary!

Your WIP list doesn't seem at all bad. Most things you've completed or almost completed but then, if you're anything like me . . . I love the knitting and hate the finishing off! LOL

Knitting someone five pairs of socks?! Whoa!! I know what you mean by the quandary of how much you could charge. If you were to ask for a fair hourly rate, those socks would be mighty expensive compared to what you could buy. But then we know the value of a handknitted pair of socks compared to a mass produced pair, don't we!