Monday, September 22, 2008

Question 2

Question: Here in Atlanta, it's finally cooling down, and beginning to truly seem like fall. I sit now with windows open, and the air is cooler than usual, and trees are beginning to change. For me, cool mornings, crisp evenings, and trees in red, gold and orange glory are the very best parts of Fall - What are your favorite parts of fall? How do you know it's truly arrived where you are?

Having grown up in new england the fall season was a major deal. I loved it so much and missed it most when we moved away. The crisp smell, the colors...leaves, pumpkins, corn fields, apples...everything had a smell and feel to it. The warm days and cooler evenings. I still lvoe it and now that we are back on the mainland i can enjoy it more, though not quite a new england fall, it is a fall!


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Actually Iam a twin but we are fraternal so post a picture on your blog of nancy I want to see:)Hugs Darcy

Knit Witch said...

I LOVE Fall! Nothing beats a NE Fall for sure. Here, just north of Atlanta, it's going to be beautiful though. I'm with you on the crisp mornings and evenings. Of course, football is always a good indicator too!!! :)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Sounds lovely i sure miss fall in Idaho.Hugs Darcy

bySarah said...

For me, fall begins the first day I actually WANT to wear a sweater because it is cool. I love autumn weather because it makes me feel so MOTIVATED to do stuff!

Kathy said...

Fall favorites here for me:

wanting decaf after dinner instead of a coke! To warm up of course.

Wearing shawls and I AM going to bring back the babushka look all by myself apparently!

Campfires. Wanting to knit socks again, or hats!

Brenda said...

I loved Fall growing up in Wisconsin, but I have lived in California (Central Valley) now for 8 years. There really isn't much Fall around here comparatively. What I actually look forward to during Fall here is RAIN. It hasn't rained here since February (rains usually end in April). It would be nice to get the dust out of the air, but it probably won't rain yet for a month.