Monday, October 6, 2008

misc crap (and q 3 of hallows eve)

PIMP: check it out!

Question 3 is a quiz:

Q1: Where did the idea of Jack-O-Lanterns originate?
A) Scotland
B) England
******C) Ireland
D) Wales

Q2: Halloween is the 2nd most successful commercial Holiday - what's the first?
****A) Christmas
B) Valentine's Day
C) New Year's
D) Easter

Q3: What is the intense fear of Halloween called?
A) Hallowphobia
****B) Samhainophobia
C) Ghostophobia
D) Mortephobia

Q4: The mask worn by Michael Meyers in Halloween (the Movie) was actually a mask of who?
A) Leonard Nimoy
B) William Shatner
C) DeForest Kelly
*****D) No one - it was an old hockey mask

Q5: In 2004, what was the most popular Halloween Candy?
****A) Candy Corn
B) Snickers
C) Dum Dums
D) Milky Way

At least these are my guesses! as for my fav candy? i stand by the good ole peanut butter cup! just can't go wrong there.


JC said...

Peanut butter cups are a major weakness of mine. Just can't resist them!

Timiae said...

I love the pumpkin! Mmmm... I'm with you on peanut butter cups... yum!

Nichole said...

Have your mom check out their website & call ahead. They have a SMALL store... don't know how "public" they are, but if she calls ahead I'm sure they'd welcome her by! :)

Grace said...

I am with you on the peanut butter cups!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

The picture of the pumpkin is so cool.Hugs Darcy

Leanne said...

Mini chocolate bars all the way!

Kathy said...


Baby ruths just do me in. I ONLY indulge at Halloween. Your punkin is so cute! I need to get my Halloween stuff out on my front porch! I don't want the squirrells around here eating holes in the yet!