Thursday, November 8, 2007

can you believe it's november 8th?

Thursay...i took the day off as my schedule was open. Saving gas as the prices keep going up...3.19 a gallon tuesday for the cheap stuff! Wouldn't be bad but my work drive is almost 1/2 hour each direction.
Knitting, cleaning, yarn dying today. Being domestic and productive. Oh yeah, working out too somewhere in there!


Visit: having a “Wayback Machine” contest - post what you were knitting a year ago and you could win some “knitterly goodness.”


Clare said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - I have fingerless gloves like that too! love your blog pic btw

Gnat said...

Gas is crazy right now. Thank you very much for commenting on my post and stopping by. It is not boring that you are Thankful for your husband. I think it's sweet you make him coffee and lunch every morning. :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Clare said...

Hey - you won a prize on my contest! Let me know your details and I will post it out to you.