Friday, November 2, 2007

tgif...again and a final wip update!

Well, spent part of the day learning my new phone. The Blackberry curve ina beautiful cranberry color. Dear daughter had her phone fall in the tub the other morning..and my phone was her phones twin. So guess who got the new phone vs replacing one! Am loving it. Lots to learn though. Lots happening with work, etc but not ready to go into details yet on that....soon though! Lots of new things, changes.

Ok, contest, not mine but check out: she is a sassy sweetheart and you will love her blog. Yarnlovers beware!

Well, off to relax with that baileys on ice....may knit some as well. No clients pre booked so i am taking tomorrow off! With the gas prices hubby has told me to stay home unless i have pre booked appointments!(knit, knit , knit)

WIP update!

1. tank top, all knit just needs seaming and blocking
2. -----finish 2nd monkey sock-------finished
3.------ finish daughters poncho****finished and blocking as we type!
4--------add zipper to wallet/case***finished!
5.------ **finished!!----take apart and restart cleaves on different needle size.--finished!
6.------ add ribbon to panty and block** **Blocked!----& ribbon added------
7.------ finish lace nightie and block***finished!-------------------------
8.--- (1/2 completed)****** second zig zag sock

waiting to be started

1. hand spun afghan hubby bought at the fair for me to knit
2.---started----- sweater vest
3.-----1 pairs socks ( i dyed yarn for)
4. summer afghan
5.---- october shawl knit along----cast on & starting----
6. swallow tail stole
7. xmas socks
8.---cast on---xmas fingerless gloves
9. spinning classes (for wheel)
10. many other skeins to dye
11. fiber to spindle spin
12.-- xmas hats/scarves ----1 set finished----

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