Monday, November 5, 2007

Lipo and yarn....ahhhhh!

Hmmm...went in for my non invasive laser lipo consult today. While i was initially shocked by the cost, even though after i stopped and figured it all out it was just what i thought it would be...hubby thought it was lower than he expected. I am booked for 3 procedures to start just before xmas! Talk about something to keep you on track through the holidays, lol! But this will be almost half of my inheritance. The family will not let me spend it on the family...but i am working on that! i would like to get my hubby lasik for his eyes and i would love to take both hubby and daughter on a trip to ireland as well. That would just about cover the rest! I feel so guilty spending this money on myself, but then, no diet or exercise has gotten rid of these few trouble spots, so........yikes! You are awake during the surgery!

Got yarn? Got good pattern ideas? Want to win some yarn? Check out this site... a good read as well!


Bea said...

AWAKE??!? Can they do that? I don't think I could manage that. I like a good rest for surgery.

Bea said...

Here I am responding to your comment from my blog. When you entered my contest I wanted to tell you how funny we thought it was that you talked yourself into the right answer. I couldn't obviously tell you that at the time, but it made me laugh.