Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is it friday yet??? First sock done!

Hey all, sorry been MIA for a bit, work the know! Somehow last week was mostly ten hour days, which for my schedule is a damn long day! Been busy though! Got my daughters class ring ordered, she is registering for classes at the community college for their fast track program, been redoing my room at work, hubby is on travel for the week, planting flower boxes and dragging the hammock up onto the upper lanai from the storage barn... lol , my barn consists of the old shed, it looks like a small barn and is larger than the bedroom i grew up in many times over!I keep telling hubby it would nicely accomodate an alpaca or sheep or two but he just grunts. Lots been going on!

I finished the first sock from the Lucky socks that rock package. For some reason i kept mis reading the pattern and majorly ripped tuesday afternoon many many rows. But the first is correct and complete, cute! Still working on my lace cardigan from Blue Sky Organics, the back is complete, onto the front. The sweater is slowly coming along for skiing next season. Been taking it to work with me but have not had time to knit there. But more later! Must go eat dinner, store roasted chicken and a big salad...yum!

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Bea said...

You should just get the alpaca and then act surprised as he is when he finds it :) There is a prairie llama farm just a few miles from me.