Saturday, April 12, 2008

Poor hubby ... and links!

Poor hubby has had a bad week of travel for work, as well as a crappy hotel! But it looks like he may actually make it home today after all. So tonight, much later, i will be off around the sound to go retrieve him! Yeah! (i bought hom diet coke in case he needs to mix a good stiff drink when he got home)

So as I was supposed to pick him up this morning i took the day off. I did need to finish painting my room at work though so when his flights disappeared i stuck on my old patched jeans, some slippers (flip flops here on the mainland) with little beads and a cute top as it was in the 80's today!!! Got tot he spa and the receptionist on the phone asks quickly if i mind taking 3 mani's for regulars, all together. Sure if they'll take me dressed super casual! The the spa's hubby called asking if i could give him a foot paraffin and massage, sure! ALso did get the room painted and was out by 4pm. A bit of yard work done, mostly yard decor back ut and a few things cleaned up. Daughter and her boyfriend played a little tetherball out back...all the windows and french doors are open. I even layed on the hammock for half an hour and read. Come on summer!!! Stalker kitty is loving the door being open again. Sorry to anyone stuck in the freeze still! My mom is cursing me i'm sure as she has well over 3 feet of snow around her driveway, etc still.


Like bunies? like yarn? what are you waiting for! Let her know Turtle sent you!

Music and knitting? Check this contest out! Again, let her know i sent ya!


Kris said...

Wow - summer in full force by you. We are loving the fact that the sun finally made it out today!

Amy AKA Sis, Ames and Hey YOU! said...

When you say "the main land" does that mean you live in Hawaii? I'm with your hubby on that drink, it was a rough week around my house too. Hope he got home ok.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Isn't it funny how your days off usually end up involving more work than the work days?

Anonymous said...

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