Monday, April 28, 2008

just a quickie!

i kind of see sunshine? well it was there a minute ago! I went looking for those hanging tomato things but could not find one. thinking of picking up some paint for our fireplace, it is brick and from floor to ceiling (on 2 floors) with a seat hearth on the main floor. Needs some color as it blends with the walls/ceiling right now. Haven't gotten hubbys opinion on color yet though so think i may wait, just to be nice at least!

a birthday contest of favorite things!

For me:Simple things make me happy! A good book, a walk through a farmers market, watching the animals (both pet and wild), the clicking of my needles, a hike, sitting by water, eating gorp in the woods, wildflowers, warm sunshine, a new toe polish color, yarn....

This blog made me think of my mom's 29th birthday. My mom and i are so much alike it is scary! On her birthday one year when asked how old she was she told the folks at work 29. On her next birthday again they asked how old she was, she did the math and told them 29...they thought she was really just trying to avoid 30 but seriouslly she had goofed up the year before and was only 28, oops! She missed 28 entirely! Yup, my mom and i are so much alike!


Knit and fall back in it said...

Nice pictures. Good luck with painting your fireplace.

Knitgirlll06 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I love your blog. The story of your mom's 29th BD twice is too cute. Did you find the paint for the fireplace? It sounds so nice and cozy.

Nan said...

The pictures look so pretty, even if the sun doesn't shine!

I just told someone yesterday I was going to be 48 next month, my husband said, "Huh, I must have slept for a year." I stopped and thought about it and said, "Oh, you're right!" I thought he was just making a joke about his narcolepsy at first, cause he does that to lighten the mood about his condition. Dah.. I felt so dumb.