Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just a cute story i saw

We have a new conversion van and, of course, had to take it on a trip. Last weekend we went to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Late in the day we traveled about 15 miles down a dirt road to see the north end of the canyon. We didn't meet a car in that 15 miles. There was nobody around when we got to the view point. My husband parked the van with the back facing this beautiful vista and set off for a short hike over the edge of the canyon.
I was sitting in the tailgate knitting a mitten when up roared three fellows who looked like rejects from the 60s. They were on Harley's, in full leathers, two had bushy beards, all looked "sinister" in my eyes. Here I was, apparently all alone at the ends of the earth. We nodded as they got off their bikes.
Biker 1: Hi there grandma. Knitting socks?
Me: Not this time--mittens for the 2-year old grandson.
Biker 1: You gonna make them all blue?
Me: Thought I would.
Biker 1: Big mistake, grandma. Those plain mittens are the kind of mittens that get left by the side of the road.
Me: By the side of the road?
(Bikers 2 and 3 have now approached the tailgate)
Biker 1: (to the other two) Whatta you think, boys? A little more color?
Bikers 2 and 3: (nod heads in agreement, but don't say anything)
Me: Well, I'll do that as soon as I make sure that these fit.
Biker 1: Bob--show grandma what I'm talking about.
Biker 2 (Bob?): (Starts to take off his pants!!!! but says nothing)
Biker 1: Hurry up, Bob. Grandma doesn't have all day!
By now, Bob has removed his boots, leather pants, and is standing there in green plaid Bermuda shorts and BEAUTIFUL HAND KNIT, CALF HIGH FANCY SOCKS!!!!
Me: Those are beautiful.
Biker 1: He makes them himself.
Me: Wow! How did you learn to do that, Bob?
Biker 2 (Bob): Well, the princess didn't knit fast enough for me, so I learned to do it myself. Out of some book she had. She buys the yarn though--I don't like to go in those yarn shops 'cause I always buy too many gadgets.
End of story.
I'm still laughing over this. We visited a little longer. I showed off a Fox-fiber sweater I made this summer and Bob dug out two more pair of socks he had made. It was a great afternoon.

Friday, August 3, 2007


...need i say more?? *smile* more this weekend!