Sunday, July 11, 2010

A road trip again...

Well come morning it will be, from seattle to boise monday and returning wednesday. Daughters orientation is happening, we find out the nitty gritty of book costs, etc. I am hoping a suitemate or two of her's will be there, also hoping a few of them are engineer students as well! (a heavy load, hope not a party group of girls)

So getting the garden, house, cat, mail etc all ready, pulling a few skeins into cakes for easy car knitting (20+ hours round trip) and figuring out what to pack. Will be interesting. Nice though, hubbys travel for work scored our hotel room for both nights free with his frequent stay points! (so cool, lol, cause we are so broke now! Did i tell you with the new law changes with student loans we are paying the first complete year of college from our pockets?) Gotta love being a part of the responsible middle working class! Enjoy your summer all! See ya in Boise!

Friday, July 2, 2010

4th weekend already, hey, where's my sweater!??

Yeah, it's that weekend already and where the **ll is summer? By this wednesday they say it should reach the 80's. That will be a first this year for this area. So want some warmth! In case i miss you i hope you all have a happy, safe 4th! This is from last summer's boat parade on the lake next to our home. Is always nice to walk to the dock and relax and watch the drunk folks on their boats celebrate the holiday! (this aloha boat made us a bit homesick but was festive!)

ANd if you are a Twilight junkie and enjoy knitting at all.... check out what Franklin did, hysterical!!