Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Canning

...been canning and freezing but figured i had better get some more of the zucchini up before this serious heat wave strikes! They are calling for the next 5+ days to be 93 and above (looking at 100 for two of them). We do not have a/c. Yesterday was a mellow day and it was still 83 in the house at 9pm last night. The downstairs is much cooler but in a split level not much downstairs happening (lol, that is where we moved my craft room out of a few months back cause it is freezing come winter. oh well) So the ginger zucchini marmalade sits cooling. Never tried it before but it looked so interesting i had to give it a go. It smelled fabulous cooking! And guess what's for dinner tonight? Zucchini casserole! still cool enough today, tomorrow? Anything we eat will be grilled! Enjoy everyone!

I finished my Girasole blanket last week thursday and finally got some pics of it blocking.

PS, the cat now thinks the fishbowl is her personal "flavored" water dish.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kitty made new friends

i found her the other evening sitting on the counter investigating these new creatures in the house. Was so cute! (although now i hope she doesn't get any other ideas!)

The Sun is Back!

Been trying to add a few things on Etsy but either our internet (more than likely) or the site is acting a bit wonky! Here are a few pics though, recent even!!

The garden is doing well this year. Been canning, freezing, dehydrating etc...and the neighbor traded me yesterday for fresh salmon he caught for some veggies. (we actually pass things off to eachother all the time, not really trades!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

recapping a conversation between hubby and i

The other day hubby came home and asked if i had heard of twitter. Yes, i said i had. The group of them at work were discussing it and their consensus was "dumb, have people not got anything better to do with their time?". Now do i twit? No... i might be a twit but do not practice the art of twitting. I honestly have to admit i do not get it either. I enjoy facebook and ravelry, i only use my cell phone for schedules, calls, texts, and contact info's. Maybe i am behind the times but... lol, i have enought to do during the day without adding some new distraction! (smile) What are your views on Twitter? Do you twit? Am i missing something? Help a girl understand.

With that note i have been harvesting some huge zucchini and squash from the garden, time to make relish, marmalade, pickles and grate and freeze some. Already made baby carrot pickles, pickled beets, brambleberry jam (marionberry, strawberry and raspberry). The rest of the garden is catching up as well! Been freezing and dehydrating herbs, they smell so good when fresh-dryed vs buying them!

I finally have all i have completed so far posted on etsy! (yeah, 53 items!) as well as being good and listing my pilates machine on craigslist. I'm cleaning house! Will be good and try and get some new pics of projects posted tomorrow! Now i have to go chase one of the baby raccoons out of the blueberry patch!

Friday, July 3, 2009

a quickie wish for a safe holiday season!

Well, she's growing up. My daughter left last night for the holiday weekend with her boyfriend and his family. They are headed off to idaho to the grandparents property to play. A nice sized farm, 4 wheelers, etc, so more exciting than staying home and blowing a few things up! They have brought back the boat parade though on our lake so tomorrow i will have to drag my mother in law down to the dock to watch, always fun! (they didn't have it last year due to the costs of fuel)

I did get my Etsy store started up today though! Still numerous things to add still but it's a start. I was on the pc today while hubby was being domestic with the bbq preps! Gotta luv him!

Have a safe 4th everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

long overdue i know! (and a pimp)

Been busy, been sick, and still so much on the to do list! Just this morning i have canned baby pickled carrots, beets and have numerous herbs drying in the dehydrator now. The dinner is in the crock pot as well as a huge bowl of garden lettuce waiting for dinner too. I finally took apart the old earring rack i had and attached to screen into the cool revamped frame i picked up at the goodwill for a whopping 1.29 and hung it. Like i said, lots still on the to do list though. (painting, getting etsy re set up, knitting, sewing, dying, practicing the dulcimer as well as learning the new songs on our song list)

Did i tell you we played a party last tuesday? Went very well and lots of business card requests. So we may be very busy this summer. Was very enjoyable set up on the lake, we were treated as guests and had not charged as it was a good friend of the drummers graduation party for their son. But their daughter had set up a tip jar and we earned 300. in an hour and a half of just goofing/ a practice with an audience. It is always so weird because i do not believe you can really hear yourself when you sing. I mean i feel i can carry a tune but always get a bit self conscious when approached with praise after a gig. (we just aquired a second guitar player who kind of checked us out that day. He has played professionally for years in numerous bands but with a family now builds frets for many very famous guitar players. He gave me a huge compliment and now wants to join us. So fun!!) We do this for fun, everyone has to have a day job as we do not want to be famous, do not want to play out too many times a month as we all have families, etc. Call it stress management if you will.

More later and maybe a few pics!

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