Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Did i miss summer? Feels like fall!

it is getting chilly, had to turn the furnace on for a shot yesterday morning to take the bitter chill out of the house, today 80's tomorrow back down to low 60's ... during the day! Feels like fall already in the pacific northwest...and not a ripe tomato in sight yet, le sigh. Picking up my 40 pounds of tomato from farmer george on friday for canning marinara sauce. Not a ripe one yet in our garden this year so far... summer has stumped the garden! Squash are finally thriving, walla onions doing well, as are hubbard and acorn squash. Kale just really producing, blue potatoes almost ready.... picking more blackberries today for jam.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Empty Nest...

Yup, can't believe it happened but it did, daughter is off to college out of state. When and where the time flew i have no idea but it did. Not sure how i truly feel yet about this. I know she will have a blast and do well, but i am not near to protect her if needed. Thank goodness for unlimited texting! :)