Friday, January 21, 2011

I know I know

Been away from blogging but been busy with the holidays! was great to have daughter home for a full month. The house seems pretty empty right now with her back to school as well as hubby away for 3 weeks on travel (and no communication this week) Sucks truly! lol.

New years was spent at the camp, cold cold cold, was about 11 degrees that night but a nice lil cabin with a wood stove, fresh alaska king crab sent by an alaska fishermen and friends made it pleasant. (well, the whiskey might have warmed things up too!)

The new year brings new projects! Been busy trying to go through the house and cleaning, eliminating unnecessary clutter of items. May have to hold off some though as hubby doesn't want it collecting in the garage until weather allows a yard sale. Already filled the back of the jeep once and did a huge drop off at the goodwill. Hate giving everything away when a little money could be made from it. Oh well, the space and donation of goods are all nice too. My new sewing machine and i are making friends.... finally a machine that isn't trying to fight me. :)

What have you been doing this new year?