Monday, April 28, 2008

just a quickie!

i kind of see sunshine? well it was there a minute ago! I went looking for those hanging tomato things but could not find one. thinking of picking up some paint for our fireplace, it is brick and from floor to ceiling (on 2 floors) with a seat hearth on the main floor. Needs some color as it blends with the walls/ceiling right now. Haven't gotten hubbys opinion on color yet though so think i may wait, just to be nice at least!

a birthday contest of favorite things!

For me:Simple things make me happy! A good book, a walk through a farmers market, watching the animals (both pet and wild), the clicking of my needles, a hike, sitting by water, eating gorp in the woods, wildflowers, warm sunshine, a new toe polish color, yarn....

This blog made me think of my mom's 29th birthday. My mom and i are so much alike it is scary! On her birthday one year when asked how old she was she told the folks at work 29. On her next birthday again they asked how old she was, she did the math and told them 29...they thought she was really just trying to avoid 30 but seriouslly she had goofed up the year before and was only 28, oops! She missed 28 entirely! Yup, my mom and i are so much alike!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

earth day is my birthday!

Worked a half day but then took off and relaxed!

What do you get when you run away to Woodstock in 1969, then go into labor on the very first earth day and give birth under the sign of a full moon??? You get me! Just ask my mom! Another year older, oh well, it's just a number anyway! Off to be productive, or try!


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Friday, April 18, 2008

april 18th...can you say snow??

I know the forcast has called for possible snow but's the end of april! I had a client stop in for a nail repair and said that halfway across the sound on the ferry they hit snow. They are showing photos of the pass right now and lots of snow is falling, to the point it is falling sideways! As of today, the old late season record was yesterday, april 17th. Avalanch people are on standby for this weekend as they are calling for a good deal. Sadly the ski areas we frequent closed last weekend....huge bummer! Lol, had to place my flowerboxes away under the eaves and cover them with some old sheets against frost. I am more than ready for summer already!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

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here is a fun 500th post contest, let her know i sent ya!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Poor hubby ... and links!

Poor hubby has had a bad week of travel for work, as well as a crappy hotel! But it looks like he may actually make it home today after all. So tonight, much later, i will be off around the sound to go retrieve him! Yeah! (i bought hom diet coke in case he needs to mix a good stiff drink when he got home)

So as I was supposed to pick him up this morning i took the day off. I did need to finish painting my room at work though so when his flights disappeared i stuck on my old patched jeans, some slippers (flip flops here on the mainland) with little beads and a cute top as it was in the 80's today!!! Got tot he spa and the receptionist on the phone asks quickly if i mind taking 3 mani's for regulars, all together. Sure if they'll take me dressed super casual! The the spa's hubby called asking if i could give him a foot paraffin and massage, sure! ALso did get the room painted and was out by 4pm. A bit of yard work done, mostly yard decor back ut and a few things cleaned up. Daughter and her boyfriend played a little tetherball out back...all the windows and french doors are open. I even layed on the hammock for half an hour and read. Come on summer!!! Stalker kitty is loving the door being open again. Sorry to anyone stuck in the freeze still! My mom is cursing me i'm sure as she has well over 3 feet of snow around her driveway, etc still.


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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is it friday yet??? First sock done!

Hey all, sorry been MIA for a bit, work the know! Somehow last week was mostly ten hour days, which for my schedule is a damn long day! Been busy though! Got my daughters class ring ordered, she is registering for classes at the community college for their fast track program, been redoing my room at work, hubby is on travel for the week, planting flower boxes and dragging the hammock up onto the upper lanai from the storage barn... lol , my barn consists of the old shed, it looks like a small barn and is larger than the bedroom i grew up in many times over!I keep telling hubby it would nicely accomodate an alpaca or sheep or two but he just grunts. Lots been going on!

I finished the first sock from the Lucky socks that rock package. For some reason i kept mis reading the pattern and majorly ripped tuesday afternoon many many rows. But the first is correct and complete, cute! Still working on my lace cardigan from Blue Sky Organics, the back is complete, onto the front. The sweater is slowly coming along for skiing next season. Been taking it to work with me but have not had time to knit there. But more later! Must go eat dinner, store roasted chicken and a big salad...yum!

Friday, April 4, 2008

braindead and links!

yeah i know...lame. Maybe this weekend. I have been working 10-12 hour days all week and stopped by happy hour with the girls this evening, hubby joined us! More and better this weekend, promise, hmmm. after work tomorrow!

contest links though!

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