Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Sprung

Hello, i know i've been mia for awhile. Life has been busy.

Can you believe it will get to 65 today, 70 tomorrow yet last night it hit 25. The lawn has been mowed already twice and monday may be time 3! The trees are all in bud, bulbs well blooming for a few weeks now and the rhubarb is a good ten inches tall (at least) I am considering just sticking the seeds in the garden beds this year and not worrying about making starts inside. Will see, call it lazy or perhaps time well managed, depending on the turn out!

Been knitting! In feb i knit the unique sheeps enchanted shawl with beads in the gradiated colorway of wildflowers. I also did a KAL at our LYS of the Monday Morning Cardigan. That knit up well in cascade 220 superwash Summer Sky colorway. I also finished the cabled hoodie vest from falls knitscene mag. Very economical and i love wearing it! Used just 2 skeins of eco-wool and with the recycled buttons from Joannes ended up under 40$. (luv projects like that!) A few small projects founf their way on and off the needles as well. Spring fever hit and i painted the bedroom (for the third time in 4 1/2 years) and hubbys bar area.

I promise to get the camera program loaded on this pc, still feel like i am catching up some days with the new technology. lol , i know i get set in my ways!

Am down 22 pounds since november, got about that still more to lose but love it. I guess without the stress from work drama it is easier to do. (thanks hubby!)

We lost two family members this past month, grandad just hours before his 94th birthday and my hubbys brother to brain cancer at just 37. Both were sad but blessful at the same time as they are both out of pain now. The upsetting part of it all was hubbys little brother posted the death to his friends on facebook, and that is how my husband learned of the death. (long involved family drama behind that) but it solidified our reasons for not being involved with that side of the family. Now that this brother has passed we really have no reason to have any contact any longer, so be it. I think we all have one of those family "sides". I know i do! LOL

So....... with this warmer weather let's start thinking of the upcoming spring/summer! Fill those birdfeeders, hummingbirds are out (ok, ours never left this winter) decks to be cleaned, seeds purchased, and enjoy!! So who else is having a spring clean out the house yard sale? Enjoy your weekends!