Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mom countdown, two days!

Yup, only 2 days till mom gets here! Lots going on getting the house a bit cleaned up, lol as well as fresh sheets in the guest room. I already cleaned up the closet in there as it hides my stash! (but mom loves that stuff as well so she will not mind sharing the closet) Dear daughter officially enrolls in college today! Yikes! Next monday she turns 16. So she will take one class this summer than this fall she and a few friends are going to go full time and by the time she graduated from high school she will also have her associates! Good for mom and dad as all we have to pay for till graduation is her books and she wants to be an engineer (6 years of school) so that is 2 years of tuition savings on mom and dad!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

i got tagged!

Well, tha garden is planted...yeah! SO happy to have it all in, ok aside from the red onions and swiss chard i have sprouting in the green house. The folks picked up daughter and her best friend and took them to the mall today for daughters birthday next week. They were hoping they would want clothes, but no aside from the few shirts they did pick up at Hot Topic they got "stuff" and had a good time. Daughter does not understand that papa is ready to spend a ton on her when he does take her (about twice a year) Oh well, before school he can try again! BBQ'ed, we have SO much leftover as the folks did not stay.

Rules first..
I need to answer 6 questions. I then tag 6 people and post their names here, then go to their blog and comment to tell them that they have been tagged and to visit here to find out the rules. I must then let the person who tagged me now when I have posted my answers. I did need to read it twice.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was in Hawaii teaching scuba diving and working at a steel company as the assistant to the president.

5 things that are on my to do list for today?

*get the garden in (finish)
*grocery shop
*knit some
*girls to the mall
* ???? Hmmmm. dying yarn which did not happen!

Snacks I enjoy.
Nori sheets seasoned with sesame , Pirate Booty, Cookies able to be dunked

Things I would do if I was a billionaire.
I would purchase a new home for us with property enough for a mother in law home. I would have a fantastic craft room, get hubby his dream car with sound system, get a tummy tuck, lol, let father in law retire!

Places I have lived.
New York
Rhode Island
New Hampshire
Washington State

6 people that I want to know more about
I have decided to pick people who I have only just 'met' via my giveaway last month.
*This one i will have to get back to you on. The brain is not fully awake!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Between the Bees and the Thorns

I am so sore of the garden weeding and being hunched. Every muscle is sore after 2 days, legs, arms, etc! So hubby (wonderful hubby) went and bought a rototillar for the garden and is going to till it for me in about an hour , yeah!! Otherwise it may have taken forever! I have some seedlings i planted waiting in the small greenhouse and picked up a few extra plants this morning. Herbs as well for the kitchen garden. Been getting clothing washed, dishes, the jeep (not an easy task!) the jeep sahara is much larger than my old little wrangler, but i love her! Fern...she's a good jeep!
May have photos soon! I took them, just need to download. Must get my butt back outside now and finish. I really need another day off, lol, right! My mom gets here in less than a week for a visit!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

monday....a good day!

Lots and LOTS done! Aside from the norm of dishes, laundry, vaccuming, garbage recycling etc.. I got ALL the flower boxes , planters, hanging baskets, etc planted..about 24 in all. I also got the wall in our room nearly re-painted. need another small quart to finish but it is close! The light purple accent wall just wasn't cutting it for me so we are a mystical blue( kind of a deep purply blue) and it is much better! Switched throw carpets around to change things up, etc etc! Just lots of small things but yeah! Lots off my list of to do to make things look a little different.
If you haven't tried the new Green Works cleaners they work great!
Back to the Grind tomorrow though! Not much knitting done this weekend, sadly! Need to get dying some yarn!


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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Surgery a Success

And some big freakin teeth they were too! All 4 were removed without having to cut them and daughter is doing well. Of course the main pain killer is still in her system so we'll see a bit later.

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A cat by a phone and caption contest, for yarn of course!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another week yet again! No cinco de mayo recovery!

Been so crazy busy! I do not believe i got home from work any day last week before 7 pm. Then friday was First a
Friday so Art Walk. Had a great turnout! We had a cellist and catered the event at the Spa. My week starting looks busy as well with Mothers Day this coming sunday.
I feel a bit bad though as this coming saturday the family is having the memorial service for my gram. I will not be able to attend. One due to it being 3000 miles away and two that it occurs on one of my busiest times of year. I know Gram would understand, but i was hoping to see the family as well. Oh well, next time!
Daughter dear is a bit stressed as she is having all 4 wisdom teeth taken out on thursday. I have my juicer all warmed up for her!
Finishing the 2nd STR Lucky sock and still kind of working on the Patons retro ski sweater. Finished the blue sky lacy cardigan but still need to block it. I feel like i suck at blocking!

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