Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's 2009! (well for the east-coasties already!) A bit longer for us yet. Have a great year folks.. may it be filled with wealth, health and happiness!

Monday, December 29, 2008

can you believe a it's about gone?

came from work saturday and a plow had finally made it through our neighbothood! it helped so much! snow started to melt on the roads and we could stop watching cars get stuck out front of our home. here are a few pics of hubbys car after storms:

The snow buried the yard lights, snowflakes under the snow, buried penguins, as of this morning i can see green grass again, wild! Oh snow is in the forcast again this week!

after storm one:

We cleaned off his car between storm one and two, here's storm two:

Then came storm three, back to back:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let it snow, let it dee da! and 2 pimps

Yup, guess what we are getting more of outside this morning! I did steal my 4 wheel back from hubby and one of the other guys who carpool is having to drive (somehow i am the only one out of them all to own a 4 wheel) Their work was delayed 2 hours but they went in early they can leave early! So far my 1 client has not cancelled or rebooked yet! Hoping though, lol. No biggie otherwise, i'll head in, touch up her lashes, pass out gifts, then head towards home. All errands, shopping, prepping have been finished so i can relax and enjoy! Hope you are all also in a similar situation!

***Sears update*** i have tv, lol. Daughter and i plan to sit and relax with crafts this evening watching corny xmas movies. Hubby and i had to go on roads that had been closed in our area to get to the repair man's house and pick up the part, then repair it ourselves. I do have to say i do not think it was the tech's fault. I think the company he works for partly dropped the ball and sears was just screwed up and lost in general. They have lost our business as well as the goverment company my hubby works for who "used to" make many purchases with them.

PIMP: check out this bag. Made by Red Bridge Studio, very hip and retro but classic in design. Looks like it could be used for many differnt purposes. I love it to keep my messenger bag organized but think my daughter might try and swipe it for her own personal supplies. someone got a new puppy and needs help with a new name, both official registered name and nickname, she is adorable!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Never never again...

Hubby says we will seriously never again shop at Sears for anything. We have had such a difficult time with them this month.

See, on Dec 1st when we awoke at 430 am and tried to see what the news said, picture on the big tv. So called their service dept. No prob, a tech will call you within 24 hours to book and appt. 48 hours later i call back cause no tech called. Oh, i see the email to them did not go out, we'll try again. Dec 3 the tech does call, says he thinks he may know the problem (but has not seen the tv) and says he is ordering the lamp and it takes a week to get in, so he will check back with me on the 10th to schedule the appt to fix it. call, no word whatsoever. Still to this day have not heard from the tech again. Have called sears 7 times total since the first and done everything they have asked of me, they have said they are shipping the lamp directly to me and it will arrive on a certain day, that day arrives no lamp again, oh we cancelled that cause we found out your tech has the lamp.(when frist they told me the lamp was boxed to send on the 8th but never shipped) Yet this comes from their shipping dept, they have also not heard from the tech. They say he received it on the 12th but due to weather he can't get out. (we have had no weather until the 19th) I was informed he lives in a town about 30 minutes away. So a few times i have tried the number he called me from...goes to a fax machine.
Finally this morning the sears rep gets snotty with me on the phone and without saying it specificlly lets me know i'm screwed till they get around to it. I got upset, actually cried due to frustration over this situation. Then just to see tried the tv tech's number again...and guess what, he picked up! And...yes, he has my lamps and lives 5 MINUTES AWAY, literally 1/4 mile from my daughters boyfriends house. Says he called me but my cell phone shows NO record of any call from him. He now says he can't get out of his house due to weather...still.... so i ask him if i can drive over and pick up the part and fix it myself (that is if this is the problem, remember he hasn't even been to the house to see the tv in person, which sears says he was required to do initially)
So....long story short, paid almost 3000. for a tv 3 years ago (now they are half that), got talked into the "extended coverage plan (cause they don't like the word warranty)" for 600 and have yet to see a tech and will have to actually pick up and repair the tv ourselves...after more than 3 weeks of waiting!

So, now i am off to grate carrots for a carrot cake, finish my coffee..which i started at 5 am, take some canadian aspirin..and maybe by dinner be able to sit, knit and watch a few favorite holiday movies before the holiday arrives. Le sigh...i hate drama! Why can't people just do what they say they are going to do. A simple phone call to communicate and touch base would have been all that was needed.

Putting the soapbox away now. Oh, and after 2 feet of snow since thursday they say we may get 6 more inches tonight, lol....beware of what you wish for! after hawaii we wished for some white, well...we got it! my jeep is the only vehicle making it out the driveway...hubby and daughters car would act more as plows!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

just a note

that snow? well it started falling harder and heavier. Hubby had his eye check up today just 2 towns away, maybe 16 miles..a 20 min drive. Could not be cancelled as his schedule and their office would not mesh for 2 more weeks! (not risking that after his lazik! So, 4 HOURS LATER of just freeway driving. All other roads were closed which is why this was a problem, so i have tomorrow off for sure as hubby needs to take my 4 wheel drive to work in the morning as he needs to get to a boat and do some work, and all my clients have already rescheduled for both friday and saturday! Me....? I am now home in pj's and drinking some spiked eggnog! will post some adventure pics tomorrow....and it's still snowing and temps sposed to drop to 17 tonight. I have not seen this much snow here since we moved here! (secrestly...i love it!)

SNOW SNOW YEAH!!! and a pimp

Shouting i know but we were not supposed to get anything last we are in the shadow of the Olympic Mtns and it was supposed to pass us by on each side....NOT!! Poor hubby did head into work this morning and is now slowly trying to make his way home. He should have taken my vehicle as it is 4 wheel drive. I am taking the day off as i was on call anyway. Glad i made my daughter ride to her friends house and not drive. SHe and her friend are sitting watching cars attempt the hill next to their house..not many are making it they say. I know it sucks for some folks but i still love the snow!

The girls (daughter and best friend) decorating the gingerbread house...which they have now also eaten half of!
pimp: darcy has one for Knit Two fans:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i mailed them out yesterday ladies who had signed up a couple months ago! (look at that, i got them out to you in well under the year! smile) Now it will be your turn to spread the love!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A SideNote RIP

to miss Bettie Page, the lady in red on the side of my page) who died this past friday at the ripe age of 85 of heart failure! Bettie, you had a full life girl and many of us will still worship you!

Brrrrrr !

Brrrr, yup. It is a whole 20 degrees outside today, before any wind chills or anything. Thank goodness i have the day off! Aside from a trip to the post office (the last xms foods to be mailed) i can pretty much hibernate, and daughters and my plans for the day include baking cookies so WARMTH!!

Lol, no pics today as i am too lazy to get out from under the snuggly blanket to get my camera. But guess what.... we woke up to about 2 inches of snow yesterday morning and it's still here! We do not see to much snow being on the water as we are so this was exciting. Although the still blooming flowers that were in the flower boxes are dead now i do adore the snow! No big frosts had happened so all lawn goods are still outside, the hammock, birdbath etc. Ooops! (the foolish cat wouldn't come in last night then gave me attitude this morning when she did)

Hubby had his lasik last wednesday, i could post a pic of the surgery ( i got to watch) but i won't gross you out! Hubby is so happy! The blind groping for his glasses man awoke the day after surgery with 20/15 vision! He bought his first pair of non prescription sunglasses yesterday.....between the surgery and glasses i wished him a happy birthday/merry xmas!

Otherwise just knitting! fingerless gloves (those last few pairs as last minute girts), finishing my tacky 70's shawl (about 1/2 way there Whispering Pines pattern) and a few other goodies! Assembling the neighbors and friends baskets...mulled wines, canned goodies, baked goodies, soaps, knit goods, sewn goods all handmade by us! Hopefully they like them!

Stay in, stay warm, thanks for listening to my to find aspirin!

Monday, December 1, 2008

where has the year flown to?

Happy Holiday Season!!

Isn't this little sheep the cutest? My mom sent her to me. She don's a bikini underneath the fur coat and has 6 outfits. Her boyfriend tried to talk her out of sending it to me cause he thought it was dumb..but mom knew i'd like it!

And some one posted a question about tea. I enjoy tea in a mug, it's a funky mug with a gecko peeking over the edge. But for true tea enjoyment my favorite cup is this one. It seems very irish to me and being green (my fav color)and earthy / organic all at once it covers the bases! i have a simple ceramic tea pot (one large one little) both with knit covers that steep the tea and a whole shelf in our cupboard is dedicated to mostly loose teas. Both my daughter and hubby enjoy simple unsweetened teas as well....lately cranberry being the flavor of choice ( hey, if you know where to locate an apple/pistachio blend please let me know though! a client brought me a bag about a year ago and i milked it till it was gone and have not relocated it's source!) Off to run my days off errands and get things set up for the holidays. *smile*

Also have you seen this?:

I love snowflakes, they are each beautiful and unique. I grew up in northern NH though and was buried (literally, lol) under snowflakes more months out of the year than not! (not complaining though, i loved it) A few years after marriage hubby moved me to a tropical paradise, no snow..for 13 years! i started collecting snowmen once settled. My daughter who grew up on the islands did not see snow till she was 14, now 16. We still both run outside to play and catch the snow, build a mini snowman on the neighbors car, etc... I would love to have this snowflake made with her birthstone for us both to wear. Myself so that she was near my heart during the day and for her so she could enjoy the piece and think about their uniqueness...and know her mum loves her!