Thursday, August 28, 2008

just me, alive and kicking! and a pimp!

just saying hello, i kind of figured out a way in a very round about way to get a pic from my camera...since i have yet to get geek to help. He bought a new xbox game and has been busy, go figure! Work, fairly busy....who knew there were more august weddings than june, at least this year! Another wedding party this weekend as well as last. Knitting, well hint 1 & 2 are finished from the stole KAL 3. horrible pic so i won't torment you with that right now.

A few of the first blueberries from the garden, now more than 2 gallon sized bags fill the freezer!

Is this yarn not scrumtious? Maple Corners hand spun and dyed it for me! I made the Gretel slouchy beret hat from it, loving it! Almost felt cold enough this morning to wear it on the ferry to work, but not quite!

I finally got Saartje's booties knit up. A very easy pattern! Do admit the first bootie i made was just a little bit big. Fine if your infant had elephantitus of the foot, but otherwise these are cuter! I have 2 clients preggers right now!

Enjoy your weekend! Maybe i'll get caught up later on , lol, well everything! ( 2 more work days left, le sigh!*


check it out all you knit freaks!!!

pimp 2, a yarny anniversary contest!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

it's hot!!! lol, and a new pimp!

It was in the 90's yesterday and tomorrow it should hit 96...which truly means closer to 100! So i was evil and marked out of work for most of the afternoon as my room does not connect to the a/c . I need to go shopping for a new shirt or something for our girls night next weekend for one of the girls sweet 21 birthday. i do not usually do girls nights but she is a good friend so....knitting her a lovely choker necklace. will have to find the pattern link and post!

A few new contests: check it out!


check out this contest and great info on the Red Scarf Project. I had not known about it and am very interested!

or just send your scarves to:

Orphan Foundation of America
The Red Scarf Project
21351 Gentry Drive
Sterling, VA 20166

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pimp me....with lime!

Ok yup i'm a dork! but ok, i admit it so, hmm.....

Sorry worked late but it was a short day as i took most of it off to run errands with hubby, while he is home! Then worked later on a client or two. So we had to get take out from the new mexican place that just opened down the road (where our fav pizza place used to be!) Very very good...kudos to the folk at Blue Agave! It inspired me to make a dowble margarita to go with dinner and sadly i am so feeling it! Also waiting for daughter dear to get home from college, had her final tonight in her very first college class...a math one no less...fingers crossed!

So check these out, very adorable cable needles (which i am using so much on the gretel hat) mine is a boring needle though! May have to special order a celtic knot one! You can win a putty cat one!

also olympic buffs! looks like a funone!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

quick pimp

Sorry, hubby did not have a chance to help, as a matter of fact he is on a 38 hour work day right now, then comes home and heads back to canada!! What fun , eh? So no new pics yet.

Check this new hand dyed yarn shop is evil-y good!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tibet: "None of us are free until ALL of us are free" Pimping & a lack of photos!

So sorry for no photo content lately. Have been taking some pics but my pc is being strange and not wanting to check properly with my camera...geek will help me this weekend getting it all straight! Not much knitting lately due to busy hours at work, cannot complain as this helps support winter knitting once everyone has stuffed their toes back into socks and boots till spring! So, pics this weekend for sure!

Tibet, Want to help? check this out to help this needy country!

or (wording borrowed from PoMo Golightly as she worded it so well)

The lovely Pippi, creator of wonderful fibers and amazing human-in-general, recently posted her new colorway, Free Tibet, with a reminder that on this eve of the Olympics, it is important to remember that Tibet has seen no improvement in its great need for freedom. She created the yarn as a prayer, emulating the Tibetan prayer flags that are traditionally hung to "promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom" (wikipedia, linked above).

You can order your own skein, to knit prayerfully, as I intend to do with mine, or, you can join our Free Tibet Awareness Contest. Here is the link to order: