Friday, August 8, 2008

Tibet: "None of us are free until ALL of us are free" Pimping & a lack of photos!

So sorry for no photo content lately. Have been taking some pics but my pc is being strange and not wanting to check properly with my camera...geek will help me this weekend getting it all straight! Not much knitting lately due to busy hours at work, cannot complain as this helps support winter knitting once everyone has stuffed their toes back into socks and boots till spring! So, pics this weekend for sure!

Tibet, Want to help? check this out to help this needy country!

or (wording borrowed from PoMo Golightly as she worded it so well)

The lovely Pippi, creator of wonderful fibers and amazing human-in-general, recently posted her new colorway, Free Tibet, with a reminder that on this eve of the Olympics, it is important to remember that Tibet has seen no improvement in its great need for freedom. She created the yarn as a prayer, emulating the Tibetan prayer flags that are traditionally hung to "promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom" (wikipedia, linked above).

You can order your own skein, to knit prayerfully, as I intend to do with mine, or, you can join our Free Tibet Awareness Contest. Here is the link to order:

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Beverly said...

Thanks for joining our campaign for awareness!