Saturday, July 28, 2007

saturday again!

Yeah! I ended up with the day off so...nice! Done a little knitting this morning, made breakfast, relaxed.... ahhh!

We are heading to a birthday/housewarming party this afternoon. Some very good friends of ours that we have not seen in awhile. Hubby is being nice and asked our daughters boyfriend if he wanted to come along as well.

Well, last weeks knitting at work did not work out so well, too many distractions. Lol, i ended up ripping out more than i knit.

And the sun is out!!! Maybe summer is finally here!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Not that it really matters as I have to work. Stopping by the store on the way to see if the new HP book has a huge line. Last year there was no one around and i walked right in and picked up the copy for my daughter. No big deal at all.
Not too busy with clients today so i'll bring the scarf i am making for the scarf swap. Does not seem like a complicated pattern but it has been kicking my butt! Of course the distractions at work do not help as i get lost as to where i am or end up miscounting when answering the phone.
The salon is having a purse party this afternoon, shouldbe interesting. Well, off to shower!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Well, a mellow 7-7-7 ... so that could be a good thing! Worked for a short time this morning (dang! Forgot my dirty towels at work, have to go get those tomorrow or they'll get fuzzy) then stopped at a clients home. Her husband writes and records music and has been looking for a female vocalist. Plus she just wanted me to see her home and meet the rest of her family. Beautiful home!
Relaxed with a book, worked a 1000 piece puzzle for a bit, and finished a cat's paw lace scarf , just need to block it now. Hubby ran some errands with me and got me Wor Won Ton soup for dinner. (no dishes or cooking!) Poor guy has to leave for Canada again monday morning, just got home from there this morning. But will be good overtime!
Got my punk swap buddy today. Looks like we have very similar interests and things in common, so should be fun! I already started making things this past week hoping to get someone "like me" and I did!
Well, I see my daughter just pulling into the drive, well her boyfriends parents dropping her off. Nighty night!