Saturday, July 21, 2007


Not that it really matters as I have to work. Stopping by the store on the way to see if the new HP book has a huge line. Last year there was no one around and i walked right in and picked up the copy for my daughter. No big deal at all.
Not too busy with clients today so i'll bring the scarf i am making for the scarf swap. Does not seem like a complicated pattern but it has been kicking my butt! Of course the distractions at work do not help as i get lost as to where i am or end up miscounting when answering the phone.
The salon is having a purse party this afternoon, shouldbe interesting. Well, off to shower!


kathy b said...


This is so confusing. Sorry. You have to send me your email at my email, for me to send you my address. It is a safety thing. IM so happy you wish to join the contest.

I am not computer savy either, but the blog motivates me and I learn. other bloggers have helped me a ton.

MorbidKnits said...

Hello from Hot as HELL Florida. I'll be stalking the post man until I get the goodies. I have your box all addressed and full. Will drop it off at the local PO tomorrow morning, so look for it by Saturday/Monday!! Happy Knitting (which I am not doing any of latley)

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I can never knit at work because of the massive distraction factor!! Good luck with your scarf.