Sunday, December 23, 2007

xmas holiday lights...not the Griswolds but!

just a few festive lights from the neighborhood. Love the polar theme!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i survived!

ohmy gosh you guys..sorry. still drugged up a bit! but the surgery went so well. the folks there were so incredibly nice. I was nervous about being awake during the procedure but it went well. we all chatted away during the surgery which ran close to 5 hours. I had taken 2 movies to watch, but instead we chat instead and listened to old police music. i will chat more later. i have so many compression suits on right now...i look like a chipmunk and hubby is shoving gatorade down my throat, lol. but wanted to say hi!
a knitting contest for a blogiversary...prize is yarn! tell her i directed you there!

Friday, December 14, 2007

a quickie, more this weeekend!

knitters: visit here and comment on your fav xmas tradition. You may win some wonderful sock yarn:

Easy xmas pupu appetizer:

smoked salmon lox


black pepper,

lemon juice


cream cheese

capers all are to taste

blend all but salmon and spread onto favorite bread rounds or crisps. top with slice of salmon and bits of snipped chive. Yum, easy and decadant.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sigh but still keeping the holiday spirit!

Ok, it's been a crap day, over all. But yes it could have been worse. We have survived the storms so far. Our bottom floor of the house has not fared so well, but i am being optimistic. Mostly because i cannot deal with the stress of being a pessimist. Can you say flooded out from the storm? Now the carpet, padding etc all sit out in the rain on the back porch, half our property is under water as are both neighbors, we have a rather large sink hole just down the road...many schools are already cancelled for tomorrow and 70+mph winds are still due in...kind of nervous bout that as the ground is saturated and we do have 200 foot trees surrounding us. But my surgery is set for the 19th...must get the menu and all other things prepped and ready for xmas as well!

I posted this pic of our xmas village. We have a new piece just put out yesterday, a log lodge, but it is so nice to look at and dream. After 12+ xmas's in hawaii with no snow this village reminds of our old new england xmas's and life in a small town where everyone knows your name!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Big Huge Flakes all day long..still going. Of course it will more than likely turn to rain tomorrow and disappear, then the huge winds will take our electricity on monday. (sigh * lol, i want a generator. Oh santa!!)

this link is hysterical...go see!