Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Like I needed another hobby! (and a pimp)

Yup, I had fun exploring the antique shops in town. I have fallen in love with old milk glass, love the polka dot ones. Some lil tea lights inside at night have a soft warm, fresh clean glow... even hubby commented on them. I also love old linens. Found this wonderful irish linen tablecloth (for a whole $4) and promptly took it home and embroidered shamrocks in each corner, we are a murphy household after all!

PIMP check it out, her 200th post

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day!!

(and it's my birthday!) Smile!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I just emailed my resignation to the spa! (giving them 4 weeks notice) We'll see how they react as i know this will be coming out of left field for them, completely unexpected. Hubby has announced he wants me home, maybe do a few hobby and spa type services on my time, maybe go to an assisted living home one or two days a week to help folks with trimming, etc or a spare set of lash extensions at some of the local spa's by contract (as no one else in town offers them), concentrate on maybe my etsy, soaps, etc.... so happy! i will be able to travel with him now on his business trips from time to time and be home weekends! I do just need to behave and not shop and get the business credit card paid off...i can do that!! Wow, one of my dreams coming true and just days before my 39th birthday.!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In Memorium : Ocean Myst

sadly, we awoke this morning to find our golden had just suffered a stroke. She did not seem to be in pain but was not herself, could not walk, head could not move to one side (as all sensation seemed to be gone on that one side) and her eyes kept twitching back and forth. We sat with her until it was closer to the hour the vet opened (as the closest emergency vet was a long ways away, and it would have taken the same amount of time as just waiting) The vet agreed with us about the stroke and we held her till she left this earth. She would have been 14 this june and had a full good life. Just hard. This is the first real pet/friend my daughter has lost. She was my best friend, my shadow and supported me every time my hubby had to leave for sea. She was very much loved by all who knew her and will be missed.