Thursday, October 23, 2008

I stopped counting at twelve....arf!

have you ever heard a seal bark? They seriously bark, loudly.... and sound so travels on the water. As i got out of my jeep yesterday and approached the landing for the foot ferry you could hear a couple of seals chatting with eachother over near the shipyard. Ahhh, makes me happy, the dorky nature girl that i am! Anyway, as usual i sat outside on the ferry (worth the freeze!) and as we traveled you could see seals, many seals. Playing in the water, sunning themselves on buoys, etc. well i stopped counting at 12 and there were a ton more of them! Of course the camera i had with me would not bring them close enough to truly identify.. will try with the other camera today.

Monday, October 20, 2008

such a cute pimp! (and dead trout) smile

Just do it, lol, go see Bea's fuzzy creatures and their opinions on the whole election bit! so cute, let her know turtle sent ya! (this is my electoral mentality as of late!)

also remember Brittany at :

and: (so cute, my daughter so wants him!)

"I really think this jack o bunny is a her, not him. I think someone was confused. She is adorable and would love to hang in my room with myself and some of my other friends...never mind that their gloom-animals and skele-animals, they nibble but don't really bite! I think you would fit in so well and i need a bussy to trick or treat with. You aren't afraid of gothic fairies are you?" (posted from turtles teen daughter)

Hey, it's snowing in the mountains! And gas is below 3.00!!

trout put to rest:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a great weekend and hallows eve question

It was a very good weekend. Nothing specific done but we enjoyed the city of portland oregon and learned the lay of the land. Hubby took me to a few yarn shops, we explored the city at day and night and found a lovely irish pub. Was given grief by hubby when i suggested we go peek under the kilts of the bag pipers... no fun!... and purchased the winter coat i needed at the rack, lol it was cold when we were out! we now do know the city better to know how to plan a thrilling weekend for next trip, but this was a good one. I love this city!


If you could go anywhere at all to enjoy a wonderful fall vacation - where would you go and why? Somewhere you've been? Somewhere you've heard has amazing fall colors? Somewhere that's LESS fall-like than where you are?

honestly i would go home to VT and NH. I have not been home for a fall since 93, it would be great to show daughter all we enjoyed growing up!

Monday, October 6, 2008

misc crap (and q 3 of hallows eve)

PIMP: check it out!

Question 3 is a quiz:

Q1: Where did the idea of Jack-O-Lanterns originate?
A) Scotland
B) England
******C) Ireland
D) Wales

Q2: Halloween is the 2nd most successful commercial Holiday - what's the first?
****A) Christmas
B) Valentine's Day
C) New Year's
D) Easter

Q3: What is the intense fear of Halloween called?
A) Hallowphobia
****B) Samhainophobia
C) Ghostophobia
D) Mortephobia

Q4: The mask worn by Michael Meyers in Halloween (the Movie) was actually a mask of who?
A) Leonard Nimoy
B) William Shatner
C) DeForest Kelly
*****D) No one - it was an old hockey mask

Q5: In 2004, what was the most popular Halloween Candy?
****A) Candy Corn
B) Snickers
C) Dum Dums
D) Milky Way

At least these are my guesses! as for my fav candy? i stand by the good ole peanut butter cup! just can't go wrong there.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

pimp and hallows eve q!

a seriously quick pimp: ends today!



and again:

the strangest thing for halloween. This one i really did not specificlly buy to use but... hubby used to pick on my dremel tool, unitl i found him carving his pumpkin with it! talk about a mess...but it worked well for those intricate designs!