Sunday, March 22, 2009

quickie links

Earth day is just a month away (and my birthday as well!) Want to get inspired? Check out this link! Hip Mountain Mama has a good link as well!

and phat fiber- If you haven't checked them out yet, your missing out!!! contests all week!


check it out folks...lots of goodies!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

day o green!

Two years ago at Kell's in the post alley, seattle

No, i am not irish...only by marriage! Hubby is pure irish, my leprechaun for sure! This year will be a mellow one but still enjoyable. The pot is on the stove, soda bread getting ready to bake, beer chilling. (i drink my nutty irishmen, like my beer in moderation) Have a safe, rocking holiday folks!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

check this out all fiber nuts!

I could go well into it but Susan put it all out there so well, and if you haven't yet visited Marthas Vineyard / Hudson Valley Fiber Farm yet ... well you are so missing out! Check it out for good info, cuteness of photos and a contest! (you can even purchase a share of sheep fleece, lol, seeing hubby won't let me have a real one.....)

(photo courtesy of MVFF/HVFF website)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring??? a quick pimp

Really it's almost spring? We hit snow on and off yesterday getting stuck on the freeway back from the city, talk about slow traveling..but we made it. Was just slow. (oh i already said that!) This morning with bits of snow on the ground, 32 degrees out and two hummingbirds buzzed the kitchen window! So yes, i went and got the feeders cleaned out and filled and hung, hopefully neither birds nor their food freeze!

PIMP very need to check this giveaway out if you are a fiber freak! Go on....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yup, and there was the floor (and pimps)

Yup, I passed out. Who knows why really, but it was embarassing! Right smack in the middle of my reflexology class today! I'm watching a demo on a particular massage move and next thing i know i'm being asked if i'm all right or if i hit my head. I did manage to fal to my knees and not completely fall flat, but still....embarassing! Lets leave it at "women things" and midol not agreeing with my system i guess. Other than that little misshap the day was a good one. Lunch at a nice lil irish pub, drive through a short blast of white out snow conditions, my wonderful hubby chauferring myself and friend to and from class.....

Remember tonight before bed to re-set your clocks "Spring Ahead"

Off in search of my "Ripped" glass and my shotglass of the retro woman which says"because cramps don't go away by themselves"....come to mama!

Pimps: If on Ravelry go check out the Klub Knit Witch for B's contest, please let her know Turtle sent you! You'll love her goodies, all fibery and hand fired goods!