Wednesday, May 26, 2010

have landed , at least for the day

all settled on the couch in our hotel suite in Parksville BC, love it here. It has actually been awhile since we have been up here. Poor hubby had to go do some work this afternoon, then off to grab a few groceries for the room (lol, for me and a bbq tomorrow night) This is a new resort, not one we usually stay at but recently finished construction wise. Different area of town and not directly on the beach but very nice, so cannot complain. Not within walking distance to the natural foods store or fabric shop and wool shop, lol.. it's only negative so far. may nap a few minutes, have some hot tea (it's damp, rainy and chilly) and then pull out some knitting! Enjoy your upcoming holiday weekend!

Friday, May 21, 2010


YUP! It's a good thing. WHat are your plans for the weekend?

Had to share this, a friend of mine in NH was hit by a drive by flocking the other night. Apparently this was done as part of a fund raiser at their local high school.... numerous homes were hit. I love it!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Live;;;broadcasting from..

a hotel room in columbia maryland! lol, i have no car and we are fairly out in the middle of, well, not too much. But there are so many things so close by! Tease really as hubbys days at the convention are long and late, so will be lucky if i make it to even one lys to visit. Also only printed out half of the shawl pattern i figured i would knit while hanging out here, so .... Am trying to locate it on my pc to see what i need to do, not wireless connected here so cannot stray to far from the desk. Oh well, not bad really, just ... a tease! Pics later, sunburn nicely turning to tan from the last few days!