Friday, October 30, 2009

i'm going nuts ... help!

Have you ever got an email and set it aside? Then saw you did need it, only to discover somehow all the trash of your email box deleted itself!!

my dilema: received an email a few days back that had a pattern for a scarf. This scarf was two colors and knit from side to side long way, mainly one color with a small checkerboard of an accent color. A great college color scarf! I think it was even called the collegiate scarf and i believe they knit it with patons yarn, but i may be wrong as i cannot locate this pattern anywhere!!! and i have spent the last 2 hours searching. I bought the yarns to knit 2 of these for holiday gifts and now.... no pattern! (i am not feeling smart enough right now to do this without a pattern) so.... anyone know or see what i saw? do you know the link? thanks folks!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

adorable pimp!! edited tues the 27th!

added: new contest!!

do you love the holidays, or even just snowmen?? peek at this contest:

love the look of their blog as well...festive!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

18 years ago today

hubby and i married. It was a quick, decided that very morning, small wedding and was very nice. My mom sent flowers, my maid of honor who was a baker baked a 3 layer tiered cake complete with fresh daisies, hubbys best friends wife and i got food together that day, our landlord brought wine, crystal, took the photos... i wore my maid of honors dress and hubby wore his navy uniform. I don't think i even wore shoes! We stood in front of the fireplace mantle which held fall leaves and pumpkins and had the justice of the peace preform the service. Hubby says i did say "to obey" but i don't remember that part! Later that evening we played Risk to the wee hours with the best man and his wife ... it was small, sweet, and very personal. Couldn't have asked for anything more! (i think we spent less than 200$, including the JP's fee)