Friday, April 30, 2010

Around the house...

Just playing around the yard, still getting the feel of the new camera.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Farm Chicks!

This would be so fun! Believe it or not it is actually a relatively easy drive from where i am, so...... may see a road trip in our future! Check it out, maybe you can be there too! (she is running a twitter contest but i so do not twitter, i just can't it's not in me!)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

lol, thanks for the birthday wishes! almost can't type fingers so cold. Great day today, weather wonderful! Not breezy, not too cold, not too hot. Great tearing down the deck weather! Also got most of the strawberry bed weeded, dang dandelions! Seeded most of the yard as well.

The deck (owe, bruises lots of them)(oh, and must go peek at the fire pit again , don't want to burn anything down!) is now just the small speck of a platform outside of the front door. The former owner never did anything as it should be, he tinkered. I am shocked the deck has not fallen down before! There are no supports, seriously! We were trying to shore things up last week but the wood was so rotten the wood screws had nothing to grip into. So...... new project! It will increase the front garden area though and make the front yard larger.

Happy happy, i did get to recycle some of the wood into a lettuce growing table for the upper back deck and some boards to replace the deck boards out back that have sprouted mushrooms! Some went to my neighbor who always has wood projects going. (think he's going to build me a new big birdfeeder, the 4 raccoons sitting in it lst summer broke it, they were sitting in it at the same time!)

Some kids in the area hit our big loop around the lake last night. I had gone to my neighbors this morning to say hey (i borrow his circular saw, he borrowed my rototiller)and i had noticed his glovebox open and things falling out. Asked him if someone had been in his car, he didn't think so... a bit later he is all upset as they hit all 3 cars of their family. He called the local sheriff to just let him know and apparently they hit so many houses here they sent officers out to go door to door to be sure they knew of everyone hit. We were lucky and had them locked, though it was midnight when we remembered the garage door needed closing. The cops know who did it so will be interesting to see what the outcome is. Just sad, especially with todays economy.

So.... off to relax, clean out the fridge dinner all finished, dishwasher unloaded, relaxing time now... maybe a lil knitting. So goodnight all!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

da da da da da da today is my birthday!

both earth day and i are 40 today! I hear the 40's are better than the 30's, so ..... lol, please ignore me in the pic (i so hate pics of myself)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ow! Sore but a good day!

K, not too sore but just sore a bit! A mellow weekend with a few things checked off the to do list! Neighbors did not want their raspberry bushes they planted two years back, so we dug them out and added them into the gaps of our raspberry row (another wheel barrel full went to a friends house for them to plant)

Weeded most of the garden boxes getting them ready to add one more yard of compost this week. This will refill them after they compacted last year (as they were new then).
We also got the garage cleaned up, much better and ready for some yarn dyeing! (as long as it stays warm!) Also the front third of the front deck ripped down and ready to burn (some able to be recycled for other projects but some just a bit old, split or rotten, so think marshmallows. Then the second third will be torn down as it is not seriously stable. We will save the third section building steps down from those and adding to the front gardens. Much more eye pleasing and safe (and less for me to maintain and paint!! grin)

Had to smile this morning. At 6 am i found 6 raccoons (looked like mama and 5 young ones) running across the back yard from the fire pit to the house. Not sure why they were running but i went to peek off the upper deck to see what they were up to. Couldn't see them, even looked around the house to see if they cut through to the neighbors to visit their koi pond, nope. So i went downstairs to the bar area and stood still looking out the sliders. They slowly crawled out from under the deck, playfully wrestling each other, sniffing the grill, planters, one curious one stood looking into the hot tub gazebo, then they headed back towards the cherry trees, two going to visit our other neighbor. I hadn't seen any in so long, five is two more than we usually have in the spring! They are cute and as long as they do not cause problems or eat the cat i don't mind them.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look What I Caught Ma !

Yesterday evening hubby and I heard a lowish howl. We looked at each other a bit puzzled and heard it again. It had to be the cat, but this was a new noise from her. Hubby got up and went to the french doors to see what was up. Our home has an upper deck off the dining room where stalker kitty first showed up as a stray 3 years ago this spring. She has discovered by jumping up off the top of the grill she can do a pull up onto the deck and have access to the family. (she also has a small house we set up for her there so she can escape from animals or the rain when we are not home)

Eww gross! Hubby says from the back door. She caught a bird! This is another first for kitty. She sat there proudly displaying the finch she caught in her mouth howling low, looking for praise. She dropped it and attacked a few feathers, then started playing hacky sack with it, patting it into the air and tossing happily. It was raining and got a little wet and heavy soon enough. It lost it's newness and fun fairly quickly once she had an audience. So with a full beard of feathers she asked to come inside, standing to window surf. She's a cat, you can't scold her, lol. (so what if she thinks she's a matrix kitty!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's all about the bunnies!

I know easter for most is a deeply moving religious holiday. In our home though it is the celebration of spring.... longer lit days, warmth, sprouts emerging through the snow, fall leaves, poking up bright with color of blossoms opening. Jelly belly beans, chocolate bunnies, newly born fleecy lambs and fuzzy chicks! Yup, in our home ... it's all about the bunnies! Enjoy your holiday! (no matter where it roots from)