Sunday, April 25, 2010

lol, thanks for the birthday wishes! almost can't type fingers so cold. Great day today, weather wonderful! Not breezy, not too cold, not too hot. Great tearing down the deck weather! Also got most of the strawberry bed weeded, dang dandelions! Seeded most of the yard as well.

The deck (owe, bruises lots of them)(oh, and must go peek at the fire pit again , don't want to burn anything down!) is now just the small speck of a platform outside of the front door. The former owner never did anything as it should be, he tinkered. I am shocked the deck has not fallen down before! There are no supports, seriously! We were trying to shore things up last week but the wood was so rotten the wood screws had nothing to grip into. So...... new project! It will increase the front garden area though and make the front yard larger.

Happy happy, i did get to recycle some of the wood into a lettuce growing table for the upper back deck and some boards to replace the deck boards out back that have sprouted mushrooms! Some went to my neighbor who always has wood projects going. (think he's going to build me a new big birdfeeder, the 4 raccoons sitting in it lst summer broke it, they were sitting in it at the same time!)

Some kids in the area hit our big loop around the lake last night. I had gone to my neighbors this morning to say hey (i borrow his circular saw, he borrowed my rototiller)and i had noticed his glovebox open and things falling out. Asked him if someone had been in his car, he didn't think so... a bit later he is all upset as they hit all 3 cars of their family. He called the local sheriff to just let him know and apparently they hit so many houses here they sent officers out to go door to door to be sure they knew of everyone hit. We were lucky and had them locked, though it was midnight when we remembered the garage door needed closing. The cops know who did it so will be interesting to see what the outcome is. Just sad, especially with todays economy.

So.... off to relax, clean out the fridge dinner all finished, dishwasher unloaded, relaxing time now... maybe a lil knitting. So goodnight all!

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