Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ow! Sore but a good day!

K, not too sore but just sore a bit! A mellow weekend with a few things checked off the to do list! Neighbors did not want their raspberry bushes they planted two years back, so we dug them out and added them into the gaps of our raspberry row (another wheel barrel full went to a friends house for them to plant)

Weeded most of the garden boxes getting them ready to add one more yard of compost this week. This will refill them after they compacted last year (as they were new then).
We also got the garage cleaned up, much better and ready for some yarn dyeing! (as long as it stays warm!) Also the front third of the front deck ripped down and ready to burn (some able to be recycled for other projects but some just a bit old, split or rotten, so think marshmallows. Then the second third will be torn down as it is not seriously stable. We will save the third section building steps down from those and adding to the front gardens. Much more eye pleasing and safe (and less for me to maintain and paint!! grin)

Had to smile this morning. At 6 am i found 6 raccoons (looked like mama and 5 young ones) running across the back yard from the fire pit to the house. Not sure why they were running but i went to peek off the upper deck to see what they were up to. Couldn't see them, even looked around the house to see if they cut through to the neighbors to visit their koi pond, nope. So i went downstairs to the bar area and stood still looking out the sliders. They slowly crawled out from under the deck, playfully wrestling each other, sniffing the grill, planters, one curious one stood looking into the hot tub gazebo, then they headed back towards the cherry trees, two going to visit our other neighbor. I hadn't seen any in so long, five is two more than we usually have in the spring! They are cute and as long as they do not cause problems or eat the cat i don't mind them.

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Erin Wallace said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend. I like racoons, too, as long as they don't take a liking to our trash. Thanks for stopping by my blog - not sure if I will be visiting unicorn land or not yet, but should know in about half an hour!