Tuesday, February 24, 2009

quick link!

our internet has been acting up, nothing new as we have been disputing this with the company for 3+ years now and they are finally starting to actually try and fix it. It falls upline from our home and others have complained as well. I am usually lucky to get a 2-4 mg connection, we are paying for a 10-12. yeah, talk about throwing the laptop like a frisbee out of frustration. Hubby gets booted off xbox live all the time cause it drags.

Quick link: cool fibery goodness!


will try and get a pic up later, hope to not get called in today, daughter home ill, my stomach is not being nice either so.... plus it is pouring out! stay home weather for sure!

Monday, February 16, 2009

No work monday.....

well unless you are like me and always have mondays off (my sunday as far as a weekend goes).
Relaxed last night with a drink and a flexoral waiting for the tense of my neck to diminish. Job hazard which just multiplies that i come home and knit or craft in the same position.
Band guys come over this afternoon for practice. Not really in the mood but....we do have fun. I keep getting sucked back in, i do it for my husband truly. I have no desire to play out or anything. No need for the limelight here, lol, have never desired to be famous or anything!
It's hard to believe that it is already half through feb! The year is already slipping away! Off to be a little productive!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

and it continues to fall....

well, they said it would snow. We didn't really believe them as they always tell us and then....wait....nothing. At 6 this morning i let the cat in, dry out. By 645 when daughter went to start her car everything was covered! (lol, she's getting her snow driving practice in!) By 11 the snow was very light and the ground clear again. By 1230 when i left to catch the ferry everything was covered and snowing so hard visibility was less than 1/4 mile. It stayed that way until, well...i caught the 415 ferry back and it was still snowing, about 3-4 inches by that time. (i should have worn the boots!) The salt water on the sound was actually freezing, ice chunks all over as we crossed, talk about getting a boat load of folks all looking out the windows at once! (not something we see too often!) So, who knows what will happen by tomorrow morning as they say it should stop, but be 31 degrees tonight. I may be driving daughter in to classes if it is ice and college does not cancel. Sorry no pic!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i'm here

just snuggled under a thick blanket feeling brain dead and drained. Like my head is half underwater and the line across my head where the water runs is all stuffed and full of pressure. maybe tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quiet.... but spring fever!

Quiet....but it's sunny and very cold! I have spring fever....been looking at gardening books (was time to switch the winter books out for the summer garden books on the coffee table) and planning to try for a better garden this year! Hopefully we will have a real summer.
Things have been on/off at work. Last week i was fairly busy all week. As of this morning i have no clients booked whatsoever for the entire week so far. Not freaking as my industry tends to be a short noticed apt based business, so usually within 24 hours apts will be booked. So i sit on call right now. Kind of sucks though as we are waiting for hubbys work to give him his claim number to get his knee surgery booked. (he slipped on the ice just days after xmas at work and tore something in his knee) So he has not had much overtime and has not been able to travel, etc for any extra moolah! We are fine but hard to get ahead, i know we are so not alone and actually lucky that we are so comfortable still with the economy as it is. (so surely not complaining) Just makes planning hard! *smile*
In the meantime i need to go get busy and pack up the now dry xmas lights and decorations away (all outdoor decorations), maybe trim a few tree branches that are brushing the rain gutter, and a few other items needing attention before i get to do something i truly want to do, like dye, make soap, knit or something such!
Enjoy your tuesday all!!!