Monday, October 20, 2008

such a cute pimp! (and dead trout) smile

Just do it, lol, go see Bea's fuzzy creatures and their opinions on the whole election bit! so cute, let her know turtle sent ya! (this is my electoral mentality as of late!)

also remember Brittany at :

and: (so cute, my daughter so wants him!)

"I really think this jack o bunny is a her, not him. I think someone was confused. She is adorable and would love to hang in my room with myself and some of my other friends...never mind that their gloom-animals and skele-animals, they nibble but don't really bite! I think you would fit in so well and i need a bussy to trick or treat with. You aren't afraid of gothic fairies are you?" (posted from turtles teen daughter)

Hey, it's snowing in the mountains! And gas is below 3.00!!

trout put to rest:


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Gas is still high here in California:(Hugs Darcy

peppersprouts said...

HEY- you won the newnew giveaway please email me at so we can send it out to you :)