Thursday, August 28, 2008

just me, alive and kicking! and a pimp!

just saying hello, i kind of figured out a way in a very round about way to get a pic from my camera...since i have yet to get geek to help. He bought a new xbox game and has been busy, go figure! Work, fairly busy....who knew there were more august weddings than june, at least this year! Another wedding party this weekend as well as last. Knitting, well hint 1 & 2 are finished from the stole KAL 3. horrible pic so i won't torment you with that right now.

A few of the first blueberries from the garden, now more than 2 gallon sized bags fill the freezer!

Is this yarn not scrumtious? Maple Corners hand spun and dyed it for me! I made the Gretel slouchy beret hat from it, loving it! Almost felt cold enough this morning to wear it on the ferry to work, but not quite!

I finally got Saartje's booties knit up. A very easy pattern! Do admit the first bootie i made was just a little bit big. Fine if your infant had elephantitus of the foot, but otherwise these are cuter! I have 2 clients preggers right now!

Enjoy your weekend! Maybe i'll get caught up later on , lol, well everything! ( 2 more work days left, le sigh!*


check it out all you knit freaks!!!

pimp 2, a yarny anniversary contest!


Aunt Kathy said...

I love those booties, the daisy flower buttons are perfect.

Knit Witch said...

Those booties are so cute!

leah said...

Blueberries!!! Yum!!! Love the buttons you chose!

Lapdog Creations said...

Hey! Don't forget to post Pay It Forward and also send me your email addy! :)

Happy Long Weekend!

Christy said...

Lovely yarn and even prettier booties.

rita said...

Thanks for pimping my contest!

kathy b said...

I want that Maple Corner color. I hope they saved the recipe!

Booties are cuties. Great job