Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let it snow, let it dee da! and 2 pimps

Yup, guess what we are getting more of outside this morning! I did steal my 4 wheel back from hubby and one of the other guys who carpool is having to drive (somehow i am the only one out of them all to own a 4 wheel) Their work was delayed 2 hours but they went in early they can leave early! So far my 1 client has not cancelled or rebooked yet! Hoping though, lol. No biggie otherwise, i'll head in, touch up her lashes, pass out gifts, then head towards home. All errands, shopping, prepping have been finished so i can relax and enjoy! Hope you are all also in a similar situation!

***Sears update*** i have tv, lol. Daughter and i plan to sit and relax with crafts this evening watching corny xmas movies. Hubby and i had to go on roads that had been closed in our area to get to the repair man's house and pick up the part, then repair it ourselves. I do have to say i do not think it was the tech's fault. I think the company he works for partly dropped the ball and sears was just screwed up and lost in general. They have lost our business as well as the goverment company my hubby works for who "used to" make many purchases with them.

PIMP: check out this bag. Made by Red Bridge Studio, very hip and retro but classic in design. Looks like it could be used for many differnt purposes. I love it to keep my messenger bag organized but think my daughter might try and swipe it for her own personal supplies. someone got a new puppy and needs help with a new name, both official registered name and nickname, she is adorable!



Bianca said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Love, Bianca

Aunt Kathy said...

Merry Christmas... I love watching Christmas movies. One of my favorite holiday things to do