Monday, December 15, 2008

Brrrrrr !

Brrrr, yup. It is a whole 20 degrees outside today, before any wind chills or anything. Thank goodness i have the day off! Aside from a trip to the post office (the last xms foods to be mailed) i can pretty much hibernate, and daughters and my plans for the day include baking cookies so WARMTH!!

Lol, no pics today as i am too lazy to get out from under the snuggly blanket to get my camera. But guess what.... we woke up to about 2 inches of snow yesterday morning and it's still here! We do not see to much snow being on the water as we are so this was exciting. Although the still blooming flowers that were in the flower boxes are dead now i do adore the snow! No big frosts had happened so all lawn goods are still outside, the hammock, birdbath etc. Ooops! (the foolish cat wouldn't come in last night then gave me attitude this morning when she did)

Hubby had his lasik last wednesday, i could post a pic of the surgery ( i got to watch) but i won't gross you out! Hubby is so happy! The blind groping for his glasses man awoke the day after surgery with 20/15 vision! He bought his first pair of non prescription sunglasses yesterday.....between the surgery and glasses i wished him a happy birthday/merry xmas!

Otherwise just knitting! fingerless gloves (those last few pairs as last minute girts), finishing my tacky 70's shawl (about 1/2 way there Whispering Pines pattern) and a few other goodies! Assembling the neighbors and friends baskets...mulled wines, canned goodies, baked goodies, soaps, knit goods, sewn goods all handmade by us! Hopefully they like them!

Stay in, stay warm, thanks for listening to my to find aspirin!


livnletlrn said...

Mmm...sounds like a perfectly cozy day. Handmade gifts from the heart, the best kind!

Aunt Kathy said...

Enjoy your baking and stay warm. We are having a warm day, it's 52 degrees. I am letting the wood stove go out for the day.