Monday, May 12, 2008

monday....a good day!

Lots and LOTS done! Aside from the norm of dishes, laundry, vaccuming, garbage recycling etc.. I got ALL the flower boxes , planters, hanging baskets, etc planted..about 24 in all. I also got the wall in our room nearly re-painted. need another small quart to finish but it is close! The light purple accent wall just wasn't cutting it for me so we are a mystical blue( kind of a deep purply blue) and it is much better! Switched throw carpets around to change things up, etc etc! Just lots of small things but yeah! Lots off my list of to do to make things look a little different.
If you haven't tried the new Green Works cleaners they work great!
Back to the Grind tomorrow though! Not much knitting done this weekend, sadly! Need to get dying some yarn!


I'm pimping a birthday contest, due by the 21st!


inkberryblue said...

It does sound like a good day ~ I love getting lots of things done at home ~ especially when it involves working in the garden and splashing around some paint.
The wall colour sounds beautiful.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Sounds like a very productive day. I need to set aside a day for stuff like that.

Nicole said...

Ooh, thanks for the pimpin'! And I love your nature shots; very lovely.


Rooie said...

Hey, Turtle! I don't see an email address anywhere but wanted to let you know you won the contest on my blog. I'll need your snail mail address to get the book off to you. You can contact me at srocklin1 at verizon dot com.

knitnzu said...

Hey! I finally got you into bloglines, so now I can come and visit your blog instead of just responding via email. So does Green Works have a toilet cleaner? I mostly use vinegar around the house, except for the toilet... tried it and ended up with calcium deposits, so it was back to commercial.