Monday, May 19, 2008

Between the Bees and the Thorns

I am so sore of the garden weeding and being hunched. Every muscle is sore after 2 days, legs, arms, etc! So hubby (wonderful hubby) went and bought a rototillar for the garden and is going to till it for me in about an hour , yeah!! Otherwise it may have taken forever! I have some seedlings i planted waiting in the small greenhouse and picked up a few extra plants this morning. Herbs as well for the kitchen garden. Been getting clothing washed, dishes, the jeep (not an easy task!) the jeep sahara is much larger than my old little wrangler, but i love her! Fern...she's a good jeep!
May have photos soon! I took them, just need to download. Must get my butt back outside now and finish. I really need another day off, lol, right! My mom gets here in less than a week for a visit!

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Knit and fall back in it said...

Isn't it interesting the way men use their days off to play golf and we use ours to work?

Indigo Blue said...

Yes I agree with the last post. However mine is off work and painting the house so I can not complain! You entered my giveaway last month and visited my blog since so I thought that perhaps you would like to take part in this.. You have been tagged, the rules are on my blog. Hope you can be involved..
Best wishes.

Beverly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!