Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Canning

...been canning and freezing but figured i had better get some more of the zucchini up before this serious heat wave strikes! They are calling for the next 5+ days to be 93 and above (looking at 100 for two of them). We do not have a/c. Yesterday was a mellow day and it was still 83 in the house at 9pm last night. The downstairs is much cooler but in a split level not much downstairs happening (lol, that is where we moved my craft room out of a few months back cause it is freezing come winter. oh well) So the ginger zucchini marmalade sits cooling. Never tried it before but it looked so interesting i had to give it a go. It smelled fabulous cooking! And guess what's for dinner tonight? Zucchini casserole! still cool enough today, tomorrow? Anything we eat will be grilled! Enjoy everyone!

I finished my Girasole blanket last week thursday and finally got some pics of it blocking.

PS, the cat now thinks the fishbowl is her personal "flavored" water dish.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

your blanket is gorgeous!

Nikky said...

you blanket is beautiful! and you kitty is silly! but aren't all kitties?

ruthee... said...

Holey mackerel - that blanket rocks.

kathy b said...

Girasol is amazing Turtle. WOWZA . Accolades. Proud to know ya!

Oh yes our kitties used to enjoy fish water...mmmmm

rita said...

Wow--that's gorgeous! I'm just starting my very first real lace project and I'm wondering if I've made a BIG mistake!