Tuesday, August 4, 2009

AARRRGH!! (off my chest)

Yes, kind of shouting here. Ifyou remember we have had trouble with our internet/cable company. Unfortunately they have the corner on the market here on the peninsula, so customer service falls to the side, is dragged from their service van bumpers, flushed.....ok, i know, lol!

Spent the morning going in to stand and speak with someone who tells you the same thing over the phone, one supervisor only is able to do anything to fix our problem (as he created it on our bill) and he has not responded to any emails, calls even from people within their own company in regards to this. In the meantime i pay my bill to them but have to deal with having them still shut the cable off, then admit they goofed and fix it, after an hour on the cell phone! Today was the last straw. I contacted our local news station that is always looking for local "they're screwing me" stories, especially in this recession. We'll see if they want to help.

Other than that been keeping busy. Reading, gardening, knitting. Canada was a good trip although it took 12 hours to get home, twice as long. The blue angels were practicing in our area and roads were closed causing traffic jams, the canadian holiday weekend's start caused longer lines at the border, even in the Nexus lines.... but it was all good.

Today is the first day the sun is not currently killer, although it is burning off! Thank goodness the 104 degree temps are gone, we're not designed for that in this area, smile! Off to be productive!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I feel your pain. I've had similar problems with my provider. Not fun!

rita said...

I feel your pain, too! I've had to fight with far too many "service" people.