Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cold, colder.....and snow due to arrive this weekend!

Hey there, damn pc has been giving me errors and shuts down. So all i just typed just disappeared! So never mind, lol, not re-typing!

For some fun mid winter blues swap fun go visit : we're talking jan/feb hot cocoa and knitting fun ladies!

For some photo fun visit : A fun contest!

These pics are of my daughter and her best friend....teens do not like mom to be photographing them, so had to be a bit sneaky! (You must view from bottom pic to top to see the story)


AuntyTeeni said...

Hi! Just dropping in on all the contestants of Hannah's printer contest. It looks like your daughter and her friend had fun in the snow. Teenagers! LOL. Anyway, nice photo series!

Ursula said...

Great picture series! I grew up outside of Woodinville and I remember *trying* to make the meager snowfall work for us - sledding, snowmen, forts, igloos. You name it but it just wasn't like in the movies. Don't get me started on jumping in a pile of leaves...

Thanks for stopping by!