Thursday, February 7, 2008

A cute contest on LOVE and see chowder!

Not much today, went back to the old salon and had my hair done, fresh cut and color! So in the next few weeks i will take my girlfriend out to lunch as a thank you seeing she will not take money from me (we have been trading for 2 years now). Aside from being good and working out...Oh! I did pick up some yarn and a pattern. Organic cotton, beautiful sage! I'll post the pic tomorrow, my daughter has my card reader, smile. Must be downloading songs to her phone!

One more day to vote for your chowder of choice!

And like pups? Like love? Have a signifigant other? Check out:


Ronni said...

Sounds like pretty cotton. I look forward to seeing it.

Now, speaking of contests... You won the second choice prize in my blog-versary contest. Yea! Contact me with your e-mail so I can start arranging getting your goodies to you. raspberry on ravelry or by email using gmail (dot) com.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Thank God for salons. I have an appointment today so I will have a new cut and color just like you.

Natalie Rush said...

Thank you for sharing my contest!! That is funny that you were a bet. I'd love to see that A&E special. I love the wedding shows.

You both are the lucky ones since you found each other. :)

Happy Valentine's day!!