Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Check this out, a fun vote! Did you know spring was right around the corner? I had kind of forgotten about the technical aspect of that. I was reminded here though! My spring knitting goals are : to finish my lacy edge sweater, start working on the ski sweater (for next year), choose some strange winter hats (for next year for the ski gang), work on the silk sweater, cap sleeve .... and get organized! As well as socks that rock monthly and the dishcloth swap. I love knitting and it keeps me sane! Check back on the above link though and let us all see what your goals are as well. Fiberous gifts there!


Annie said...

In case you didn't check back, you won with pit bunnies!

Please contact me so we can figure out your prize. Annie at maplecorners dot cahm.

Christy said...

Get organized? You are a brave woman.