Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did ya vote??

K, i know i am not alone but i am SO done with the election. The political slander of commercials from all candidates for both local and presidential is just disgusting and i am done with it. If these candidates pooled the money they waste on these commercials, just think of the good that could be done with it! Lol, K off my soapbox now.

Halloween was good but...where the heck were the trick or treaters?? Hubby bought so much candy and even with passing out 3 pieces per person we have 4 gallon sized bags in the freezer leftover. Oh well, the ones that showed up were having fun. Will try to get up pics later of daughter and her friends.


Not only is there a contest but this is a great site! If you knit and are ever curious about all the books out there check this site out. It will help you decide if the book is worth your time, has what you are looking for, etc....

and a knitiversary of sorts:
be sure to check the blog out, very nice and personable! http://riizu.blogspot.com/2008/11/blogoversary-contest.html

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kathy b said...

I'm election commercial, unwanted phone calls, and bickered out too!

I will check out the blog: I love ones new to me!