Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hump day again and a pimp!

yeah, hump day! I only worked a half day but it was the latter half, so.... i did get the back to my retro sweater finished. goofed a small spot by not sticking stiches on a holder but they are just 9 stitches so...i can fix it easy enough! got ahead of myself and did not read fully on the directions! I still did not make it home till almost 8 by the time i finished at the gym, quickly ran into joannes for iron on velcro tabs, and the dollar tree for weird items (soy milk, cooking spray, alum foil, green m n m's, felt scarf, spring silk flower for daughters vase holder in her car) ...weird i know but needed!

is it the weekend yet?

pimp: really cute, knitters check it out!


Aunt Kathy said...

You found all that at the dollar store??? I have got to get out more.

Knit Witch said...