Saturday, September 5, 2009

At last!

Yup feels good to be home. As nice as it is to get away it always feels good to get back home and crawl under familiar sheets! Almost back to normal, smile... both house and me!

Got the plums and apples in the crock pot for a plum butter, 8 loaves of zucchini bread baking, and off to farmer georges farm stand for about 40 pounds of tomatoes, ten of peaches and a few apples. (and to see if the calves have been weaned so i can get some raw milk for yogurt) Still working on huby about a bunny... no go yet! Le sigh.
A quick pic of the kids and i in california adventure. We hit 4 theme parks while down there along with the winchester mystery house and a bit of san fran.

Vacation was good Did get stuck in one fire on the way down. At one point we saw the temp outside go up to 109, and that was not near a fire!

more later, off to stir the plums and check the bread. enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!

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rita said...

California Adventure is so much fun! We liked it more than Disneyland. Disney World is nicer than Land, but they're both worth seeing at least once.

We went to the mystery house also. My granddaughter was quite taken with the whole thing. We bought a little paperback mystery based on the house and she read it by the time we got to our motel that night.

Now grandson #2 is impatiently waiting HIS trip to CA; I say he has to be 8 (three years) and he's not happy. Two weeks with B2 in the back of the car?????? And flying cross country??????